Typhon – Li-Po Battery 400 mAh/7,4 V 60/120C, 2,96 Wh


60/120C Ultra high performance LiPo battery pack for the most demanding applications (like helicopters), charge rate 2C. Two-cell 2s1p 7.4V 400mAh. Dimensions: 43x18x14mm, weight: 18g, JST-XH connector. Perfect for the OMP HOBBY M1 EVO micro helicopter.

Capacity [mAh] 400
Voltage [V] 7.4
Charging current [mA] 400 – 800
Max. charging current [mA] 800
Discharging current [A] 24
Max. discharging current [A] 48
Energy [Wh] 2.96
Length [mm] 43
Width [mm] 18
Height [mm] 14
Weight [g] 18


Typhon high-end two-cell lithium-polymer 60/120C battery packs pump fresh energy into the veins of your giant models! Thanks to the advanced technology applied in their manufacture, they guarantee extremely high load capacity when discharging, enable fast charging with long service life and favourable purchase price. The pack has been “tailored” to the OMP HOBBY M1 EVO mini helicopter.

Typhon batteries have a standard discharge current of 60C, peak current up to 120C, and a fast-charging opinion (1–2C). They are specially designed for high-performance aerobatic specials and scale models powered by brushless electric motors and RC helicopters for 3D and classic flying. The high current load capacity ensures maximum motor power utilization and allows for an aggressive flying style while maintaining a very long service life.

Don’t charge the Typhon batteries with currents higher than 2C, for normal operation, we recommend currents between 1–2C. We recommend using a balancer with every charge. Typhon batteries don’t require initial formation, but if you intend to charge the pack by a current greater than 1C, we recommend not exceeding 1C for the first three charge cycles. There is no need to fully discharge the battery before charging – e.g. you can safely charge batteries that are only 50% discharged.)

The battery is supplied as an “Air Pack” designed primarily for powering models of aeroplanes and helicopters. It is equipped with silicone power (charging) cables with a diameter dimensioned for the expected current loads (JST-XH connector).

The package includes: Typhon 60/120C battery, user manual.

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