Typhon – Li-Po Battery 4700mAh/18,5V 40/80C, 86,9Wh


Typhon LiPo high performance power pack 40/80C, charge rate up to 2C. Five-cell pack 5s1p 18.5V 4700 mAh, dimensions: 140x43x45mm, weight: 545g, JST-XH balance connector.

Capacity [mAh] 4700
Voltage [V] 18.5
Charging current [A] 4.7 – 9.4
Max. charging current [A] 9.4
Discharging current [A] 188
Max. discharging current [A] 376
Energy [Wh] 86.9
Length [mm] 140
Width [mm] 43
Height [mm] 45
Weight [g] 545


Typhon 40/80C high performance lithium polymer packs will pump new fresh energy to your models! The advanced technologies used ensure extremely high discharge rate, high charge rate, long lifespan at affordable price.

The standard discharge rate of Typhon 40/80C pack is 40C, the peak discharge rate up to 80C; the recommended charge rate 1-2C. They are great for high performance sport, scale and aerobatic models (both pattern and 3D), EDF jets, helicopters, speed boats and other demanding applications. The high discharge rate allows unleashing the full power of your power unit, aggressive flight style and all sorts of stunts.

Do not use a charge rate higher than 2 C, the recommended charge rate is 1-2 C. We recommend using a balancer during every charge. Typhon 40/80C LiPo batteries do not require any initial forming; however, if you intend to use 2C charge rate, the initial three charging cycles should be performed at a rate not higher than 1C. There is no need to discharge the LiPo batteries before the charging – you can charge partly discharged packs.

The batteries are supplied as “Air Packs“ optimized for model planes and helicopters. The packs feature heavy duty silicone power (charging) cables without connectors and balance cables with JST-XH connectors that could be connected directly to the balance sockets of the most of Typhon, Raytronic, SkyRC, GT Power etc. chargers.

The package contents: Typhon 40/80C battery pack, instruction manual.

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